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Full Tilt Poker closure explained

Since its foundation in 2006, Full Tilt Poker was one of the biggest and most trusted online poker sites. This all changed during the course of a few months.

American players were banned from playing on the site since april 15th. The American government blocked the website. Also, the American Department of Justice (DOJ) blocked some of Full Tilt Poker's bank accounts.

After a few days, Non-US players were allowed back onto the Full Tilt Poker website, which was licensed by the Gaming Commission on the island of Alderney (between France and the United Kingdom).

Because of the blocked bank accounts, Full Tilt could not pay back it's players from the United States. Therefore, The Alderney Gaming Commission pulled back Full Tilt Poker's license. In june 2011, Full Tilt Poker shut down completely. No single player since then has been payed.

Now, Full Tilt Poker is seeking investors, who can pay the players and turn Full Tilt back into a profitable company. As more days pass, the chance of a positive outcome for all players with bankrolls on the site gets smaller and smaller.

Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet are also affected by the DOJ's actions, so we had to take those sponsorship deals offline as well.

Where else can I play

The best current alternative for players from all over the world is Cake Poker. Cake Poker seperates player funds from their company's revenue in segregrated bank accounts, so the chance of a similar situation is smaller. Nevertheless, in the current market, it is always smart to not leave your full bankroll on one pokersite. Read our indepth review, and get sponsored right away.

Tired of poker?

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