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Essential Poker Bankroll Management

Bankroll Management

Online Poker Bankroll Management

So many poker players fall into the same bad habits, costing them sometimes thousands of dollars until they are able to realise where they are going wrong.

As a new poker player you need to be able to enter into the game with a good understanding of a number of issues to do with your game and personal performance, especially since you are entering into a game that requires you to wager against players who could well have been playing the game for a large number of years.

Although how you play the game as a whole is important, one of the most important factors of your game that you need to perfect in order to become a successful, profitable poker player is your poker bankroll management.

Poker bankroll management is vital for any player who is looking to wager their real money into the game of poker because getting your approach and mindset wrong at the time of starting out within the game could well mean that you about to fall into a very expensive and hard to alter bad habit, that's why it is best to try to get to grips with the concept of bankroll management at the very start of your poker playing journey.

So how can you as a player look to protect your poker bankroll while still getting the full enjoyment and thrill of playing the game that many have grown to love?

The first thing that you need to think about is the amount of disposable income that you can afford to lose should you have a rough time at the tables.

Too many players head into playing poker and think that just because an online poker room is willing to match their first deposit by 100% that they should look to take advantage of that, loading as much money into their account as they have within their bank.

If you are new to the game you need to consider the thought that although we would all like to think that we were the best poker player in the world, the truth is your not.

The truth is that without being able to distinguish which stakes you can and can not afford to play, you are going to find yourself not only losing the money within your poker account but also funds that are within your bank account as you hunt to try to reload funds a quickly as it has just been taken from you.

So looking at the stake levels and which would best suit your bankroll is important but there is no set guidelines to which players have to stick to, hence the huge amount of players that lose all of their initial deposit within hours of loading it into their players account.

I like to work on the basis that if I am unable to pay 20 - 30 buy-ins without having to deposit again then it is not the stake for me.

Giving yourself that margin of buy-ins means that you can afford to lose a few games in a row without losing your full bankroll. Even the best players lose some of their games, but because they cannot lose their whole capital at once, they can attack on the game in the most comfortable way.

The Bankroll Management Chart

The chart below shows how much money you need in order to play a certain game. Sometimes you might hit a downstreak, which means that you have to move down a limit to win the money that you lost back.

You need to also consider how you can minimise risk and losses during your time at the poker tables.

Although poker is a game that can reward taking a risk with great amounts of cash, you have to be able to see that there is a flip side to that too, meaning that risk can absorb a large amount of your stack within one single hand.

The main players who need to reference to how they can minimise losses are those who like to play an aggressive stance while at the poker tables, this style of player are considered to operate within the high risk areas of the game and instead of well thought out bets, they can occasionally over bet, increasing their potential losses.

Finally, another curse that seems to hit online poker players more than those who play the game live, is that they find themselves breaking up their bankroll.

By breaking up their bankroll I am referring to players who look to withdraw winnings as they get them, so they could place within a tournament and feel that for safety they should remove more than two thirds of the amount they now have.

Withdrawing that money could well be needed for some people but other players are known for drawing money to be able to simply buy something that they want but what effect does this have on your bankroll that is remaining?

The truth is that drawing your funds can prove to interrupt your poker play and mentality, increasing the possibility of players failing out of their winning streak and recording a number of losses.

So before you look to draw your funds from your account, think about what would happen if you were to lose the money that you would intend to leave in the account as well as if the reason for pulling the money essential or are you simply trying to protect those funds after you have fallen lucky?

Remember that a good poker player is a confident one but even they have to have the poker bankroll to get to where they are now... Will you cut yours just to buy something like a TV?

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