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Frequently Asked Questions

We've composed the following list of Frequently Asked Questions carefully. Make sure that your question is not covered by the list below, before you make a support request.

Signing up for sponsorship

Can I become sponsored at a pokerroom where I play already?

Can I sign up for more than one pokerroom?

How can I sign up for a poker sponsorship deal?

How does online poker sponsorship exactly work?

Is sponsorship the same as rake back?

My favorite pokerroom is not on the list, can I get sponsored there?

What is rake?

Why do you need my e-mail address?

Will I still receive a welcome bonus at a pokerroom?

Refer friends

How can I refer a friend?

How can I track my referral earnings?

How much money will I make from referring friends?

I want to receive my copy of 'Super System' by Doyle Brunson.

Free poker money, freerolls and staking

Can I join one of the OnlinePokerSponsorship freerolls?

Can OnlinePokerSponsorship give me money to play online poker?

Can OnlinePokerSponsorship stake me for a live tournament?

Existing sponsored players

Can I change my e-mail address, username or password?

How and when will I get paid?

How can I check my statistics?

I forgot my username/password, how can I retrieve it?

Is it possible to speak to a representative directly via Skype or MSN?

What is dealt or contributed rake?

Additional promotions

Do I automaticly participate in the promotions?

How can I join one of the promotions?

What is the difference between rake races and rake chases?

Where can I check my promotional earnings?

Where do I find the leaderboards?