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Profitable Heads-Up poker strategy

Heads-up Poker Strategy


Heads up poker can prove to be the hardest form of poker to not only master but to play due to the high number of variants and alterations that players are able to implement into their game play.

The speed in which heads up poker is played is so much greater than a regular style of poker due to the low number of participants and the fact that a fold call from either player ends the hand there and then and a new hand is dealt.

There are so many players out there who are playing both online and offline poker within a live venue that are failing to be able to reach success with heads up poker play because of the vast adaptations that have to be considered in order to be able to overcome your opponent.

Playing heads up poker will happen to any successful or strong poker player as not only is it a variant of poker action but it is the deciding factor within tournaments and can even be seen in ring game action if there are no other opponents willing to enter into the hand.

So with the requirement for players to be able to learn, practice and perfect their heads up game, we have decided to bring together some of the best tips and pieces of advice that will enable you to be able to emerge victorious from the tables.

Okay well we are going to look to cover everything here so lets place these into a list format so that you can easily read and learn what is about to help to improve your game and hopefully your success rate.

1. Don't play every hand

For some reason, online poker is full of players who feel that because they have got into a heads up poker situation, they should look to play everything that comes their way from the dealer. Don't!

Players who do this are not only showing a willing to play hands that carry no strength but they are also damaging their playing ability while they are adopting this approach.

So many players tried this method, lost out in the action to finish 2nd and then failed to convert back to their original playing style within another game that they entered, costing them money and pride.

There is nothing wrong with waiting for the right cards before you make your play in heads up poker, although it can be time consuming as well as painful to see your opponent stealing your blinds from under your nose while you wait, just think about the pot that you could win should you have the better hand. More times than not, a hand in heads up poker with two players willing to see the cards through end up with one player taking the victory, make sure it's you!

2. Limp in - Lose out

Heads up poker is a game of players wanting to get the better of each other and so any sign of weakness that a player is able to pick up on is going to be exploited to the fullest and if you are unaware you have given off this signal and opt to make a bluff with your hand, you could soon be heading for the exit sign.

Never limp into a hand when playing heads up, there are simply too many risks that can happen while doing so, such as your opponent raises and then you folding so you lose more chips than you intended to.

3. Alternation is the key to success

It is a well documented fact that playing against a poker player who is able to be diverse in their approach to the game and how they act, is the hardest style of poker player to play against.

The main reason for this statement is that a player who is constantly switching between playing stances and strategy is harder to be able to place onto a hand or read in general than a poker player who is dead set on sticking to one form of play.

4. Slow play strong hands

Heads up poker in general is a game that proves to be very aggressive and so when you are look enough to fall onto a big hand, you need to take advantage of your opponents tendency to want to over bet the pot.

Simply make minimum raises or even check to be able to allow your opponent into the game and give them the impression that they could well have the stronger hand.

If when you pass the first round of betting action to them they lead out with a big bet, as long as you continue to have the best hand you will have a payday about to happen.

Simply call the bets that the player is firing into the pot to allow them the chance to keep taking a shot at the hand, on the last round of betting, as long as the community cards haven't dealt you a blow in terms of the strength of your hand, move yourself all in.

This will leave the player with two choices, call or fold a hand that they have placed a large amount of their stake into.

5. Stay true to the playing stance that got you to the heads up poker situation

This means that if you have come through a tournament and have stuck to playing the game as a tight and aggressive player when you are holding your stronger hands, maintain that stance.

Trying to switch up the play as soon as the heads up section of the game starts will leave you having to adjust yourself again to the game and so will leave you with a period of time where you will make mistakes as you try to fine tune your play.

Obviously we have highlighted the fact that you need to be willing to alternate your game at some point during the action but you need to be willing to wait and find your feet within the game first, moving too early could mean that your opponent is able to overcome your challenge quickly and send you to the exit.

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