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Free professional poker coaching

poker coachingWe've partnered up with Poker Coaching. Poker players usually pay $278 a year to get access to their archive with thousands of poker strategy videos, but our most active members can now receive access to DeucesCracked for free!

About DeucesCracked poker coaching

DeucesCracked is one of the best poker coaching companies out there. When you sign up, you will have access to:

  • over 50 professional coaches, ready to analyse and improve your game.
  • over 2,000 poker strategy videos, new episodes every day.
  • a huge poker forum, with millions of posts.
  • blogs written by professional poker players.

DeucesCracked has helped thousands of players to find leaks in their play, improve their game, move up in stakes and make lot's of money.

Requirements for free poker coaching

We pay the membership fee to access DeucesCracked for our most active members! In order to qualify, you need to rake $500 during a one-month period. Every time you reach this limit, we will give you access to for one month!

We started this promotion because we believe that coached players will in the end improve their game and move up in stakes. This is beneficial both you and us, because better players make more money and move up in stakes faster.

How to sign up

Step 1: Visit and sign up for a basic account. Basic accounts are free. It is important to use the same e-mail address at both and If you have an account already, make sure that you are registered to both sites with the same e-mail address. If not, please change your e-mail address first.

Step 2: Make sure that you've reached the qualification amount of at least $500 in MGR (rake) during one month. You can find this month's MGR by visiting your control panel at, and clicking on the 'statistics' link.

Step 3: Visit and login to your account, and click on the 'My DC' link. On that page, find the '$500 MGR Promo' link and follow the instructions!

My DC $500 MGR Promo