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Poker strategy articles

We like to see our sponsored poker players get better at their game. That is why we publish poker strategy articles on a regular basis. We welcome all enthousiast poker players to become a guest writer, please contact us for details.

Getting started with poker

Written on Thursday May 24, 2012
Maybe you've always wondered about the game, or maybe you played a few games back in college and had a lot of fun with it but never got a chance to get into it, or maybe you just had a friend or coworker who's always tal... (Read more).

Full Tilt Rush Poker strategy and tips

Written on Tuesday December 28, 2010
Rush poker is a new poker game, introduced at Full Tilt Poker in 2010. In a Rush Poker game, players are moved to a new table as soon as they fold the hand. This means that you can play over 200 hands per hour, w... (Read more).

Taking player notes while playing poker

Written on Sunday July 11, 2010
Getting a read on your opponent when you are put to a tough decision is an important part of playing poker. When you are playing live poker, you have the benefit of using physical tells such as facial expression,... (Read more).

Strategy to play monster flops in holdem

Written on Sunday July 4, 2010
The art of slow playing in Texas Hold'em is a crucial skill that once incorporated into your poker arsenal will increase your win rate at a significant rate. The problem most beginners make is they try slow playi... (Read more).

Essential Poker Bankroll Management

Written on Sunday June 27, 2010
So many poker players fall into the same bad habits, costing them sometimes thousands of dollars until they are able to realise where they are going wrong. As a new poker player you need to be able to enter in... (Read more).

Profitable Heads-Up poker strategy

Written on Sunday June 20, 2010
Heads up poker can prove to be the hardest form of poker to not only master but to play due to the high number of variants and alterations that players are able to implement into their game play. The speed in ... (Read more).

Winning Single Table Sit-n-go Strategy

Written on Sunday June 13, 2010
Sit-n-Go's (SNG's) are highly popular poker tournaments, especially online. SNG's start as soon as a fixed number of players have joined the tournament. On most sites, there are one-table SNG's with six or ten pl... (Read more).