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Rake Races and Rake Chases

rake racesMost pokerrooms cap the amount of rakeback we are allowed to give to our sponsored poker players. We often want to give our players a higher percentage of rakeback, and have developed a way to work around this rule. organises rake races and rake chases, in which we give away thousands of dollars each month. During august 2019 alone, we are giving away $0!

How does it work?

When you sign up for a poker sponsorship deal, you also automatically apply for the promotions. Any cash prizes you win, are instantly deposited into your account.

In a Rake Race, all our members compete against each other. The players who generate the most rake during a month, will reach the leaderboard, and receive a cash bonus.

A Rake Chase works a little different. Instead of competing against each other, members have to reach a set rake amount before they will receive a cash bonus.

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