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Full Tilt Rush Poker strategy and tips

Full Tilt Rush Poker strategy and tips

Introducing Rush Poker

Rush poker is a new poker game, introduced at Full Tilt Poker in 2010. In a Rush Poker game, players are moved to a new table as soon as they fold the hand. This means that you can play over 200 hands per hour, without multi-tabling!

Full Tilt Poker hosts rush poker cash games, rush poker tournaments and rush poker sit-n-go games. Although Full Tilt offers Omaha Rush Poker games as well, this strategy guide is focussed around Texas Holdem games only.

Rush Poker strategy

Rush poker is one effective way you can build your bankroll very quick and the reverse is true, you can easily lose your entire investment in a very short time. With rush poker, every thing is done in a rush, there is no time for you to read your player's hand histories because they do not aid in anything at all.

In this game, you would have to make use of the correct strategy and most off all an aggressive style of play should be a part of you. In rush poker, there is less bluffing due to the fact that players would not play a weak hand because the moment you are dealt with a weak hand you can fold it and in a second you will taken to a new table and dealt with a new hand.

It would be pointless for you to play with a weak hand or a hand that you do not consider strong when you can simply fold it and receive a new hand. Position advantage does not play an important role in rush poker than it does to the ring games and tournaments. So for adopting a winning strategy, a rush poker should not consider bluffing, position advantage, opponent's hand history in your game style. A player is dealt with a new hand, new table and a whole set of new opponents. The only thing that can certainly make you win is to play only with good hands.

The only way to play a winning rush poker game is to keep it simple and plain. Your opponents are not able make reads on you and alternatively, you are not able to get reads from your opponents. You certainly have to play with a good hand. Your opponents do not even know how many times you folded and this will improve your game style to tight aggressive.

I will list some of the rush poker starting hands then can make you win the pot. The starting hands are as follows:

  • Pocket Aces
  • Pocket Kings
  • Pocket Queens
  • Pocket Jacks
  • Pocket Tens
  • Ace King
  • Ace Queen
  • King Queen
  • Pocket Jacks
  • Pocket Tens

Tight aggressive game play is the norm in rush poker and you should focus more on your opponents style of play during the game. Tight-aggressive pre-flop is good and if your starting hand does not improve on the flop and some of your opponents make a raise or re-raise this would mean that one of them has the nuts. The best alternative is for you to make a quick fold than for you to wait in anticipation that you will win the pot when luck rains upon you during the turn or river.

You can play Rush Poker on your smartphone as well!

In rush poker, it is very difficult to spot the fish and all players tend to play an aggressive tight game style but in your position you hand should always qualify for improvement during the flop and then sail it through to the river. At most instances, players do not usually reach as far as the showdown in rush poker and in this way you can easily build your bankroll when your hand improves during the flop. The technique in rush poker is tight aggressive pre-flop, when hand improves during flop increase your tightness by making a raise or re-raise. In rush poker, the check button should never be used in what so ever situation you are faced with. Its either you make a raise, call or fold during pre-flop and raise or fold during flop.

Another effective way is to avoid staying on one table for long. Once you have won the pot, do not wait to be dealt with another hand but rather chance the table so that a player does not get reads from you.

My opinion to playing a winning rush poker game is to play aggressive at all time only with a good starting hand.

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